Bosch 210 (EV1 Connector) part # 0280158829


Bosch 210 (0280158829) Fuel Injector.

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These are genuine Bosch fuel injectors. They come in the factory hologram sealed box, with the verification code you can verify them as authentic on the Bosch website. Buy with confidence that you’re getting the best injectors for your vehicle at a great price.

These mid-height style EV14 injectors have a EV1 electrical connectors. These injectors do not have provisions for a self-contained protection filter. We recommend these shorter style injectors as they allow for an adapter that has a protection filter installed. These injectors are compatible with gasoline, E85 and methanol. This style injector does NOT have stainless internals. Normal injector maintenance for the fuel used is a must. These fuel injectors are NOT compatible with fuels that have MTBE (Q16…)


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