At Fuel Injector Services, we maintain your precision fuel injectors with cleaning and flow testing services. We also sell genuine brand name injectors at a very reasonable price so you have confidence that your getting the fuel injectors your vehicle needs, with an affordable price.

Racers helping Racers

At Fuel Injector Services, not only are we experts at the maintenance and evaluation of your fuel injectors, we are also racers. We know EXACTLY what it takes to make extreme horsepower, protect engines from failure and give you confidence in your engines fuel delivery system.

We literally “walk the walk” when it comes to fuel injectors. We trust our engines, reputation and success to the same maintenance process our customers receive.

With a background in aerospace, precision is our standard. Let us not only handle your injector maintenance and evaluation, but become a part of your engine and racing program with trend monitoring a upgrade consultation for your engines vital fuel injectors.

Getting your injectors cleaned…

Simply select the injector service base on the quantity of injectors in your set, and send them in for a full service or quick verification flow check. We stock parts for most injectors manufactured and are happy to help with your parts needs as well. Visit our Fuel Injector Store to purchase your service.